The Importance of Aftercare in Recovery


Going through drug detox and rehabilitation can be life-changing. However, it is important that you continue to have reliable resources available for you once you leave the facility. It is undeniable that every good recovery plan has a solid aftercare program. No matter how good your original detox and treatment care was, you will need […]

What You Should Know About Benzo Detox

benzo detox

If you or someone you know has struggled with an anxiety or sleeping disorder, you are likely familiar with benzodiazepines, also known as benzos. While they are extremely helpful for the causes listed above, they are also highly addictive. Addiction is never a choice. While it is a condition that can easily be villainized, no […]

The Importance of Community in Addiction Recovery


After detoxing, there is still a world of work that needs to be done for a successful recovery. Like any other journey, the journey to recovery should not be done alone. It is essential to build a community during addiction recovery. At the end of the day, your community will be the backbone of your […]

Why Recovery Support Groups Are Important

recovery support groups

Dealing with an addiction is incredibly complicated. The overwhelming psychological impacts of addiction, the judgment from other people, dealing with life stressors, and resisting cravings are all incredibly difficult to manage. When it comes to regaining control of your life, addiction treatment is critical. However, recovery support groups play an integral role in helping individuals […]

How to Support a Family Member During Detox


It can be challenging to watch someone you love struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. There might have been a lot of build-up for them to feel comfortable with their battle with you. It is essential to recognize that and offer support instead of judgment or other kinds of negativity. When you have both […]

Benefits of Community Involvement During Addiction Recovery


Getting involved in your community has many benefits, especially during addiction recovery. Making new friends and connecting with others who share your interests can help reduce feelings of isolation and depression. Participating in activities you’re interested in can help improve your mood and give you a sense of purpose. Additionally, getting involved can provide opportunities […]

How to Find Your Addiction Recovery Support Group

recovery support group

If you’re looking for help with addiction recovery, a support group can be a great way to get started. Support groups provide individuals in recovery with a supportive, safe environment where they can share their experiences and learn from others who are also fighting addiction. There are many different types of support groups available, so […]

The Importance of Chosen Family in Addiction Recovery


If you’re battling addiction, support from others is crucial. But what happens when you don’t have a family or have family members who can’t or won’t help? That’s where finding your own circle of support comes in.    A person’s chosen family is often their support system during times of need. This is especially true […]

The Importance of Community When You’re In Recovery

Community In Recovery

You might have completed your treatment program from the best alcohol rehab in Tennessee and believe that your addiction recovery journey is over. However, you are making a mistake if you think so. When the addiction treatment is over, the real journey starts. At such times, having a strong and healthy community around you can […]