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Welcome To Genesis Medical Detox, a Premier Drug and Alcohol Detox Organization

We want to welcome you to Genesis Medical Detox in Tennessee and Alabama. Our drug and alcohol detox center can offer you the help you need in a professional medical detox setting so that you don’t have to fear dealing with daunting detox withdrawal symptoms alone.

With individualized, dependable help from our luxury drug detox professionals who will tailor your plan, our drug detox programs in Tennessee and drug detox programs in Alabama can help you get back to your life.

If you seek drug detox or alcohol detox in Southern Tennessee, we provide a 13-bed facility in a supervised medical setting with individualized care tailored to you. If you’re seeking drug detox or alcohol detox in Alabama, we also provide an 8-bed facility in a medical setting in Northern Alabama. We know inherently well that no two addictions are the same. We will treat you accordingly: as an individual with your own specific needs and concerns regarding alcohol and drug detoxification.

Our Drug Detox Programs Accept Most Insurances Including TennCare, Alabama Medicaid, and Mississippi Medicaid
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Our Drug and alcohol detox centers Treat

Support and Healing for You or Loved Ones

Whether you’re looking to start your own journey to recovery from addiction or are an individual worried about your loved one, we are dedicated to offering support for all. We are proud to offer numerous drug detox and alcohol detox services designed to help family and friends understand addiction and recovery, allowing loved ones to heal and grow together.

Alcohol Detox
The physical dependence and addiction to alcohol can lead people into a dangerous cycle.
Benzo Detox
Medically assisted detox programs provide an effective way for those who are dependent on this drug.
Cocaine Detox
Medical observation can help you through the initial binge and crash cycle.
Heroin Detox
We all know that after detoxing, there is a risk of relapsing and even more work to be done.
Opiate Detox
It is highly recommended that the withdrawal process be managed in an expert environment.
Prescription Drug Detox
Just because you received a prescription from a medical doctor doesn't mean the drugs are always safe.

“Genesis Detox is top notch when it comes to individual care and customer service.”

Nick Howe

Why Choose Our Drug Detox & Alcohol Detox Center

Drug Detox, Overcoming the Biggest Hurdle

As drug and alcohol detox experts, we understand many addicted individuals have an intense and sincere desire to become drug and alcohol-free. Getting control back in life is understandably one of the top priorities for someone dealing with a drug and/or alcohol dependence. Still, one big fear holds them back from taking that first step, whether or not they are considering our detox programs.

It’s the legitimate fear of the difficult and even dangerous withdrawals they will have to deal with to accomplish this. If this fear and reluctance resonate with you, we would like to assure you, there is help, and our drug and alcohol detox program and staff are here to support you at Genesis Medical Detox.

As the best detox center in Tennessee, and the best detox center in Alabama, we understand that this particular concern, meaning the fear of challenging or painful withdrawal experiences, is often far greater than the fear of addiction. But you can safely put these fears and reservations to rest after learning more about what Genesis Medical Detox can provide.

We can help you achieve what it is that you may have been putting off for months, years or longer: freedom from drug and alcohol dependency and a return to a full life.

Your journey to healthy living begins at our door.

To get started with your path to recovery from addiction through our drug detox program, please reach out to our dedicated admissions specialists today! 

What we offer

Complimentary Insurance Verification

It is our hope that when you’re ready to take your first step towards recovery, you won’t have to worry about how you’ll cover the costs of your drug detox program. We accept most major health insurance plans and offer complimentary insurance verification.

Genesis Detox is top notch when it comes to individual care and customer service. It's my belief that Genesis is providing industry leading care and customer service i.e. medical detoxification, case management, and continued care planning. I have and will continue to refer my clients to Genesis.

    Nick Howe

    Pulaski, TN

    I had an amazing experience with Genesis Medical Detox. I was able to get into the center right away and they took me through the whole process. They gave me advice about my treatment plan and were really understanding. The staff were all very friendly and professional, I never felt like I had to be on guard with them. Definitely recommend checking this place out!

      Rosemary Larson

      Pulaski, TN

      I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the staff at Genesis Medical Detox. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a safe, affordable, and comfortable detox. The people were great and the service was impeccable.

        Joey Cunningham

        Pulaski, TN

        Our Team

        Expert Team

        Our highly trained drug detox professionals help with our medical detoxification programs during this phase of addiction recovery. They closely monitor your health symptoms during the detox process and offer medication management. At Genesis Medical Detox, every patient will be in a good, safe environment that will help in increasing recovery from addiction. 

        Peter Dacchille

        Peter Dacchille


        Timothy Brennan

        Timothy Brennan


        Miriam Taylor

        Miriam Taylor

        Director of Operations


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