Medical Detox Services in Pulaski, TN

What We Treat

Support and Healing for You or Loved Ones

Whether you’re looking to start your own journey to recovery from addiction or are an individual worried about your loved one, we are dedicated to offering support for all. We are proud to offer numerous services designed to help family and friends understand addiction and recovery, allowing loved ones to heal and grow together.

Alcohol Detox
The physical dependence and addiction to alcohol can lead people into a dangerous cycle.
Benzo Detox
Medically assisted detox programs provide an effective way for those who are dependent on this drug.
Cocaine Detox
Medical observation can help you through the initial binge and crash cycle.
Heroin Detox
We all know that after detoxing, there is a risk of relapsing and even more work to be done.
Opiate Detox
It is highly recommended that the withdrawal process be managed in an expert environment.
Prescription Drug Detox
Just because you received a prescription from a medical doctor doesn't mean the drugs are always safe.