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Rehab Programs For Drugs And Alcohol in Gadsden, AL

If you have been living with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both for a considerable time, then you might want to start thinking about entering into a rehab facility to help get yourself back on track with a more normal life.

There are rehab programs that are specially tailored to the addiction of multiple different substances, which means that the treatment you receive will be specific to you and your circumstances. This is even more important to undertake if you are also dealing with any kind of mental health issue. It’s vital that you understand and have knowledge of all of your options, so to help you out, here is some of the most prescient information about Genesis Medical Detox in Gadsden and the drug and alcohol rehab programs.

What is Detox in Gadsden, AL?

Detox is the process that the body has to go through in order to completely rid itself of the harmful substances that the overworked and overwhelmed liver is unable to do naturally during your period of addiction. These toxins not only affect your liver but other physical and also mental aspects of your health.

Detox begins with withdrawal which comes with a series of uncomfortable physical and mental reactions to your body adapting to not having the substances that it has come to depend on. Gadsden Genesis Medical Detox programs in safe environments are specially designed to help you get through the tough withdrawal stage to prepare you for the next phase of dealing with your addiction.

What Kinds of Programs are there for Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox in Gadsden, AL?

There are more detox programs in Gadsden than you might imagine, but there is no doubt that the most successful of these programs are the 12 step and inpatient programs. Generally, all programs start with an initial withdrawal period that, as mentioned, can make you feel very uncomfortable and ill for a short time. Withdrawal is then followed by a series of dedicated therapeutic methods to help aid you in your recovery. Some of the most commonly employed methods used by Genesis Medical Detox during this time include:

  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Trauma therapy

These therapies used in conjunction with one another can help to start changing the way that you look at and deal with your addiction, changing the attitudes that you have towards using drugs or drinking, and chipping away at the layers of addiction that you have built over the months or years. This is the way to start forming new, healthy habits for a better overall life after completing a Gadsden Genesis Medical Detox program.

How do Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in Gadsden, AL Work?

After the hard work of the initial withdrawal is complete, your stay at the drug rehab or alcohol rehab center will involve taking part in these various therapies before you build up enough mental strength and new habits to be able to return to your home environment.

The stay at the residential rehab center in Gadsden will be very structured and regimented, consisting of set mealtimes and timetabled therapy sessions, along with vocational therapies such as art and music workshops and motivational visits from guest speakers who have already succeeded in what you are attempting to do.

Purpose of Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Gadsden, AL

The main goal of going through rehab is to withdraw from the substance that is causing your mind and body harm and to start rebuilding your life in a healthy and independent way free from drugs and/or alcohol.

It is really important to remember that this journey will be different for every single patient. Every addiction is unique, and every Genesis Medical Detox program is customized to suit the individual to address what needs to be addressed. Along with the physical withdrawal process, you may also be able to take advantage of complementary therapies like yoga, exercise, and massage, and more practical lessons like contingency management and relapse risk management.

What are the Benefits of Inpatient Drug Detox and Inpatient Alcohol Detox in Gadsden, AL

The benefits of inpatient rehab are multiple. The most helpful element of an inpatient experience at Gadsden Genesis Medical Detox is the care and support given round the clock care to ensure that you don’t slip in your attempts to get clean.

There is also the benefit of moral support from both the staff and other patients around you who are going through exactly the same thing and know exactly how you feel.

How To Know if Drug and Alcohol Programs are Necessary

There are a number of key red flags that might indicate you need the assistance of a rehab center. The most common include:

  • Your substance use has an interfering impact on your work and home life.
  • Not being able to go a single day without using the substance of your choice.
  • Feeling physically and mentally uncomfortable when you find yourself in a situation where drugs/alcohol are not readily available.
  • Regularly blacking out and not remembering portions of a day or night.
  • Operating a vehicle regularly under the influence and putting you and others at serious risk.

Admitting you are an addict or have a serious problem is hard but deciding to seek treatment for it is equally hard. The professionals at Gadsden Genesis Medical Detox know and understand this and are ready to help. Contact us here.

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