Should You Try to Detox From Drugs or Alcohol at Home First?


Dealing with any type of drug or alcohol addiction can be extremely challenging. Unfortunately, millions of people across the country struggle with addiction daily. When attempting to overcome an addiction, one of the first steps is to ensure there are no illicit drugs or alcohol in your system. Ridding your body of these harmful substances […]

Benzo Addiction: What Causes It And How We Can Help

benzo addiction

Benzodiazepines or benzos are a medical-grade drug that helps with multiple painful emotional and physical problems, such as seizures, anxiety, and muscle spasms. Unfortunately, benzo addiction remains a real threat across the world. It is especially problematic when combining opioid abuse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 14% of opioid overdose deaths included […]

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction and How Detox Helps

cocaine addiction

Though heroin and other opioids understandably get the most media attention, cocaine impacts millions of lives every year. Addiction to this fast-acting drug can be costly and dangerous. If you feel like you are caught in the cycle of addiction, detoxification can mitigate your symptoms. At Genesis Medical Detox, we believe in your ability to […]

Benzo Detox: What Are Benzos?

benzo detox

While benzodiazepines are generally considered safe when used as directed, it’s important to note that long-term use can result in both physical and psychological dependence. It is important to understand the potential risks associated with this category of medications. By doing so, you can take the necessary steps to begin the process of benzo detox […]

Heroin Addiction: A Guide to Understanding the Drug

heroin addiction

The mission of Genesis Detox Center is to offer compassionate, supportive, and appropriate medical care to individuals who are struggling with the devastating effects of heroin addiction.  If you are concerned that a loved one or someone you know is struggling with heroin misuse, seeking professional treatment is the best recourse you can take. Here […]

How Long Does Percocet® Stay in Your Body?


Today, we are here to talk about a commonly prescribed medication: Percocet®. This medication contains an opioid pain reliever combined with a non-opioid pain reliever, and it is commonly prescribed to patients suffering from moderate to severe pain.  At Genesis Medical Detox, we understand the complications of drug addiction and offer comprehensive treatment modalities if […]

The Effects of Gabapentin Misuse


When most people think of substance misuse, they connect it to the use of illegal substances like cocaine and heroin. However, prescription medications can also be misused. Although they are legal, when used in a way that deviates from their intended purpose, they can be misused. Some of the most common cases that are noted […]

What You Should Know About Benzo Detox

benzo detox

If you or someone you know has struggled with an anxiety or sleeping disorder, you are likely familiar with benzodiazepines, also known as benzos. While they are extremely helpful for the causes listed above, they are also highly addictive. Addiction is never a choice. While it is a condition that can easily be villainized, no […]

The Compassionate Q&A: Navigating Opioid Withdrawal

opioid withdrawal

Opioid addiction is a severe problem that affects millions of people worldwide. The road to recovery can be challenging and painful; for many, withdrawal from the drug is a significant hurdle.  At Genesis, we understand how complex this process can be and hope to provide helpful information and support to those going through it. This […]

The Compassionate Q&A: Navigating Cocaine Withdrawal

cocaine withdrawal

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that affects the brain’s reward center, leading to euphoria, energy, and confidence. However, prolonged use of the drug can lead to dependence and addiction, which is challenging to overcome.  One of the most challenging aspects of overcoming cocaine addiction is withdrawal. This blog post will answer some of the most common […]

Drug Detox in Muscle Shoals, AL: Risks of Quitting at Home

Drug Detox in Muscle Shoals, AL

Making the decision to take back control of your life after struggling with addiction is a major thing. Even though recovering from a substance use disorder is incredibly hard work, it is well worth the struggle. There are many instances where people who are trying to overcome a substance use disorder decide to stop using […]

How Drug Addiction Develops and How to Recognize the Signs

drug addiction

Drug addiction is an issue that affects people of all ages and backgrounds, and unfortunately, it can be a hard cycle to break. At its most basic level, drug addiction develops through different stages over time and requires the individual to go through a comprehensive drug detoxification process in order to recover from their addiction […]

Heroin Detox: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Tennessee heroin detox

Heroin addiction can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. If you or someone close to you are struggling with heroin use, it is crucial to understand the detox process so that you can seek help before it’s too late. Despite withdrawal symptom challenges, detox is an incredibly important step for those looking for real change […]

Cocaine Detox: The Timeline for Recovery

cocaine detox

It’s no secret that cocaine is a highly addictive drug. But what many people don’t realize is the extent of the damage it can do and how long it takes to recover. Cocaine detox is one of the toughest challenges a person can face in their addiction recovery. The process of quitting cocaine and then […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Drug Abuse?

Drug Abuse

Not every addiction looks the same. You might have pictured addiction wrong all this while due to misleading information shared in movies or caricatures. Every person suffering from drug abuse may appear or behave differently. In fact, you may not even believe you or your loved one is suffering from addiction. Below, we have listed […]